Manor Way parking, Public Question at Hertsmere Borough Full Council 22 January 2020

"The Residents and shop workers of Manor Way in Borehamwood are exasperated.  The situation continues to deteriorate. Their elected representatives are not listening to them.


Dozens of these residents submitted petitions to Hertsmere via the head of legal services; and to their County Councillor who happens to be our Mayor.   The former was over a year ago. The latter was back in June.  The response has been silence.


Will Cllr Hayward meet those residents; apologise to them for the lack of response and take charge of delivering improvements?  Yes, or no?!"

Container Homes, Public Question at Hertsmere Borough Full Council, 18th September 2019

"Isn't the reality that it is sheer madness to have spent £2.2 million of Hertsmere taxpayers' money on a disastrous Container Homes project that the Childrens' Commissioner Anne Longfield herself condemned just last month for the cramped and inhumane conditions that it forces our children to live in?


Given that the number of permanent standard empty homes in Hertsmere increased by 25% last year to 503 according to the charity, Action on Empty Homes, wouldn't you agree with me that this money has been squandered? Isn’t it time to invest in decent homes?!"

14 year-old James' Public Question at Hertsmere Borough Full Council meeting on Ely Gardens Oaks, Well End Wildlife & Trees & Hypocrisy of the Council's Climate Emergency Policy
Aldenham Reservoir Proposed "Podland" Development & Threat to the Sailing Club's existence Public Question at Hertsmere Borough Full Council, 10th July 2019

"Under these proposals, the Sailing Club will no longer be able to operate. Residents have expressed indignation that the stunning views of the South-West side of the Reservoir would be almost completely obscured by the 50 spacious pods that will line its entire perimeter. Others are angry that dozens of trees may have to be felled, a hypocritical act to commit when we are facing a climate emergency.


Noise and litter from pod ‘inhabitants’ will ruin the serenity of the experience for Hertsmere residents who use the Reservoir and visit the Country Park, as will the noise emitted from any electricity generator needed to power the pods. Further, the safety of pod inhabitants, including their children is at risk due to entry to the lake being left unguarded and no noise and vibration impact assessment is planned. 


Given the above, may I ask the Portfolio holder to kindly investigate these issues, and do all he can to ensure that any developments are on the one hand carbon neutral and on the other, that the demands of local residents are prioritised over commercial interests or any profit-making ambitions from Liberty’s owners?"

Cuts to Local NHS services 9th January 2019

"Following the apparent sudden closure of the Borehamwood Family Planning Clinic, which follows the closure of the Borehamwood Blood Clinic: 


a. What will the Council do to address the further deterioration of NHS provision in Borehamwood & Elstree ?

b.  When will Borehamwood get a much needed new GP surgery ?

c. What is his assessment of the additional new health provision that will be required to accommodate all of the new homes that the Government require the Council to build?"

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